A narrowboat renovation project by Nick Goodall.

That factory look

6th August 2023

Short but sweet, this week I returned on Wednesday after a 17-hour road trip, so I wrote off doing anything productive 😴. But work resumed the next day! And this here stern is PAINTED (minus the bits-to-be-welded):

Stern section overcoat

Look at it! It’s beautiful! And the view backwards from my boudoir:

Factory-looking boat

I also cleaned up the gunge from the kitchen window frames and did a few coats of primer on those, along with one of the vents on the roof. The 2 new windows are being made as I write, and hopefully I can pick them up next week for installation. Slowly but surely, this place is becoming watertight.

Apart from that, it’s time to start welding prep — a few steel disks to cut and clean, then a marina to find for some high amperage. Oh, and the hatch and doors! I need to clean and prep those before I can insulate, so given a minute I’ll start on those next week as well.

Until next Sunday!

- Nick

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