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Lights, plants, action

15th October 2023

Hello, hello, HELLO! Happy Sunday, and a cold one it is. This week I was away until Thursday, and Friday was all-out pottery, building the skills to fill my future kitchen with crockery. But the days and evenings did not go wasted, and oh buoy.

I left the boat in a hurry last weekend, so job one was cleaning the insulation off the floor. With that done I could lay some leftover vinyl from a friend’s work, creating an entire shoe-free zone for my room with so much space for activities. That I extended to the end of the boat with a walkway for a bare-foot track, meaning I don’t need shoes to make coffee in the morning, and I can careen into bed:

Speaking of, on Saturday I dumped a vanload of rubbish and picked up the king size mattress from my tent last year, a HUGE upgrade:

Candlelit bed

Oh, and the fairy lights:

Fairy lights

It’s dark outside in that photo, and three sets of fairy lights have made this an unbearably cute building site. But that’s not all; today I picked up two hardy plants as well:


The hanging one is a fast-growing ivy that I’ll dangle from the ceiling supports to liven up the place. Besides, are you truly self-sufficient if you’re not generating your own oxygen?

Another thing you may have noticed in the above photos… there’s a sink. A SINK! I picked that up on Thursday evening along with my yet-to-be-installed diesel heater, and connected that to the drain today:

The utter joy of no longer needing to brush my teeth in the rain… It leaked at first, but when I re-tightened it with the PTFE tape I’d forgetten the water followed its destiny, and gravity does the work unlike the pump of the old one you had to switch on.

With those few changes this place has become incredibly cosy, at least in photos. There’s just one thing missing: warmth. I am one cold boy, and that is next week’s challenge: install the diesel heater in the engine bay.

Until next Sunday!

- Nick

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