A narrowboat renovation project by Nick Goodall.


Major improvements to feels

29th October 2023

It didn’t feel like a wildly productive week, but it still felt good, and I finally made the boat watertight (mostly (portholes still in progress)) by sealing up the 4 windows on the starboard side, along with lining the windows that open with thicker rubber:

Sealing windows

Opener window rubber

As best I can tell, water now stays outside (it’s been raining hard!), and it’s the first time I can say that in 3 years… gosh I was lazy. But it feels GREAT. And then I put “seasonal double glazing” — a polyolefin film you stick around windows and tighten with a hair dryer — over the 9 single-glazed ones, and I could swear it’s made a difference. I bet you can’t tell it’s on there:

Seasonal double glazing

I also spent a day moving the boat and servicing it (diesel, gas, water, some new batteries!), and have found an absolutely delightful spot:

New boat spot

This morning the sun streamed in (I didn’t even need the heater), and this evening I washed up by moon- and candlelight overlooking the water:

Morning through the kitchen windows

Night through the kitchen windows

In other minor upgrades, I installed intake ducting for the diesel heater so it takes air from the cabin, creating a delightfully virtuous cycle, and acquired a guitar to stoke my inner John Denver.

Until next Sunday!

- Nick

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